Killing off my Node.. So long LND, for now

Sadly; After a year, I am officially taking my node behind the shed and killing off my last few channels after having like 30+ (¾) of them force close on me last month.
I am feeling like it’s not worth the headaches, sat losses, issues with bugs, stuck HTLCs & tor reliance issues. I will just let my LND die and not open anymore channels.
LND itself is having so many bugs that is impossible to run a decent routing node.
There looks to be too much focus is on BS apps and fancy backgrounds. Not enough focus on why we’re all actually all here - Routing BTC !
Until developmental resolution is clear, I think I’ll hang on to my lifeless, channel-less node and wait things out before I feel comfortable opening up any channels again :slightly_frowning_face:
I have built some great carefully selected connections in the last year. Though extremely discouraged, I still would like to continue on this journey one day.
I was ecstatic to be part of this amazing community in such early stages of its development, and experimentation… but not at the expense of my sats that I have been working hard stacking for years.
The early Bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.
And my Sats ‘aint getting caught in the mousetrap anymore!
I will remain a frequent visitor to the Umbrel community as it holds a special place in my heart, and I hope to soon return from the dead, but it will take some reassurance.

Further Insight here.


It’s very unfortunate that you had so much trouble with the channels force closing on you, when it wasn’t your fault. I agree that the community is the only thing that’s keeping me here, but until a certain person returns, I might abandon Umbrel altogether. I have 2 different nodes, one running Umbrel and Raspblitz (RB), the RB node was outperforming the Umbrel node by a factor of 250. I was getting probably 100 sats per day with Umbrel, and I’m getting around 25,000 sats per day with RB. They are on separate networks, and I did a test by swapping all the channels, and RB did much better and the node I had with Umbrel barely got around 100 sats a week. As it stands now, I’m getting 15 sats on Umbrel today, and I got 8,920 sats already on RB. This is sad, it seems that the software isn’t working the way it should be.


Do you have the same amount of channels and liquidity with both nodes? The channels are opened with the same nodes? Otherwise the comparison is pretty useless tbf.

I did have 40 channels on Umbrel, and they were unique, and on RB I had 30 channels at the time and it was routing like 50x the traffic. I had around 6 BTC on Umbrel, and 4 BTC on RB…

I already moved on, and don’t use Umbrel anymore as the last channel force closed on me. I erased my micro SD card 2 days ago and now I’m running 2 separate Raspblitz nodes.

I also found the Umbrel UI a bit clunky now, as it’s more focused on the home server rather than a Bitcoin node. My RB nodes are chugging along and now I’m getting approximately 50,000-70,000 sats a day. I tried to hold out on Umbrel and giving it a chance, but everything seems to be broken? Honestly I’m pissed at myself for updating from 0.4.18 to 0.5.0 seeing how it broke so much stuff.

The community here is the only thing that’s keeping me here, I’m not even part of the community at RB.


I did the same after Umbrel 0.5 “update”. What a mess…


I’d like to see a comparison between:

  • mynode community edition
  • umbrel
  • plebnet (is this even a bitcoin node?)
  • Start9
  • Ronin Doji
  • RunCitadel
  • RaspiBlitz

Are there others all-in-one solutions that I have left out?