Force Closing at random

My Umbrel is FORCE CLOSING channels at an unpredictable rate and for no obvious reason. 1-2 per week… This week alone cost me 5 well established channels.
the channels were force closed, initiator is Local(me)
My node is always on, UPS, Fiber optics and me F5ing like every hour to gaze routing)
Some channels occasionally do go Inactive for up to several hours and come back on no problem, which
might be due to current TOR DDoS attack,(thout its said to have been addressed in the newest Umbrel update)
Still if it’s some channels/nodes being offline that triggered the automatic force closing. I would like to shut this MF automatic thing down and have full control over force closures.
This is a too important thing to have on autopilot IMHO. It cost sweep fees, takes days of time to get the funds back and is overall 150 of 100 on the scale of being annoying both for me and my partners.
I would like to have manual control on force closing.
If there absolutely has to be some automatic closing mechanism somewhere in Umbrel(not sure whybut OK), but make it cooperative ffs

Anyone can explain why this happens please and how to stop this behaviour? There might be some .conf of any script I can mess with?


I’m seeing the same thing, though not as frequent. I have no idea why it happens.

12 days passed and I’ve lost another good channel. Again. I have never seen the channel offline before and has been one of my best perfofrming partners. Now the funds locked for 2 weeks. This is very frustrating.
I can’t make myself spend more time and effort and invest more BTC to develop my node when it acts like this. The worst part of it - I have no idea WHY this happens. Nobody here seems to have.
Like how am I supposed to trust software with my BTC when it does something I don’t understand.

Same here. Any luck?

Not really.
The trouble seems to be in the instability of ToR network. Seen reports that switching to clearnet fixed the issue for some.
Still reluctant of giving away my real IP and location. A VPN subscription might do the trick though.
Still researching