Joule extension

Hello to all Rainmaker,

has someone managed to connect the Joule extension with the Umbrel node?
I get always Message:

Request failed with the message "Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0

Thank you a lot.

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  1. Get Started >
  2. Local Node >
  3. Your node local IP https://umbrel.local:8080 >
  4. Allow (permissions) >
  5. On the bottom Have hex strings instead? Click here to switch >
  6. Get hex from the macaroon file, ssh to your node
    $ ssh umbrel@umbrel.local
    umbrel@umbrel:~ $ xxd -p -c2000 ~/umbrel/lnd/data/chain/bitcoin/mainnet/admin.macaroon

The same with readonly.macaroon >
7. Paste hex strings.
8. Connect >
9. Confirm >
10. Create a Password >


Sometimes you need to click link when you see message below:

Failed to connect to node

Request failed with the message “Failed to fetch”

If you’re sure you’ve setup your node correctly, try clicking this link and making sure it loads correctly. If there are SSL errors, click “advanced” and proceed to accept the certificate.

Than ‘Advanced’ and [Proceed to umbrel.local (unsafe)]

Thanks for this @max. Can you change your Pi IP address to umbrel.local instead? So it will work for every user.

@louneskmt can’t edit anymore.
Personally I had an issue with umbrel.local, did not work.

Thank you a lot everything is perfect now!

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