How to connect BTCPAY to Lightning Node?

I tried using REST proxy:
but i get an error:
Error while connecting to the API: Error while copying content to a stream. (Unable to read data from the transport connection: Connection reset by peer.)
Also tried with the local ip or onion address.
It BTCPAY docs it also says it works with RTL from Server Settings / Services, and RTL should be exposed there, but for me it is not.

Any ideas?

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Just to check first, was there any issue when selecting ‘internal node’ for the lightning node side of the BTCPay server configuration? Usually integrating lightning requires no set-up at all with this option

You should be able to do this under ‘Change Connection’

Internal node looks fine and is enabled.

Perfect, you shouldnt need to do any further configuration from there, and the lightning node connection should work fine now.

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Oh, so it is connected to my Lightning Node? I’m silly, I thought ‘internal’ means internal to BTCPAY, like creating an internal node.

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haha, yes that means it’s connected to your main node

Will BTCPay work also with CLN installed in my Umbrel ?

Let me ask you.
Isn’t the internal wallet a hot wallet managed by the btcpay server?
It is not unprotected, right?
How do I connect to the Umbrel lightning wallet?

By default using BTCPay on Umbrel will use your own lightning wallet (from the lightning app for both onchain/lightning), as the BTCPay server instance is completely self-hosted so it doesn’t use anything managed by the BTCPay team.

Your lightning wallet would be considered a hot wallet, but I’m not sure what you mean by unprotected?

Thank you for contacting us.
Is this also a P2P receipt to NODE itself?
Or is it stored in BTCPAY?

Is it the same for hard wallets in JADE?