Jam: Unable to Open Wallet - Fixed

Received wallet locked error when attempting to reopen wallet in Jam. This thread https://github.com/JoinMarket-Org/joinmarket-clientserver/issues/358 was useful, but out of date. It neglected to show that the lock file is hidden. The hidden file is named .walletname.jmdat.lock - note the leading period before the name. My lock file was from April 2nd, so I am assuming it was due to a crash and not the upgrade to 0.17 this morning.

To remove the lock file I used ssh to log in, located the file by using ls and then used rm to remove it:

  1. ssh umbrel@umbrel
  2. cd /home/umbrel/umbrel/app-data/jam/data/joinmarket/wallets
  3. sudo ls - l .*lock
  4. sudo rm .walletname.jmdat.lock

Hope this helps anyone else encountering this issue.

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Thank You! This did help me out! I didnt find this solution anywhere else on the internet. Thanks for the great directions!

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