JoinMarket log in issues

Installed Joinmarket yesterday, no problems adding a wallet and funds. Today a very different log on window opened and none of my credentials (umbrel or Joinmarket) work. Anyone else having the same issues?

Is not an isssue, you can find the password here on your Umbrel App page in the top right

Thanks, that was just stupid of me. :roll_eyes:

I can navigate the first login but I’m getting an error on the next password entry request (join market username) where the following error comes up

.jmdat cannot be created/opened, it is locked.

Hey @MP_1 did you end up fixing your issue? Unfortunately can’t help with that error message…

I’ve just started using JoinMarket and after 4 times trying to “start” (whatever need to be started is not clear) I get this screen… that doesn’t really give me a clear understanding of what’s going on…

Any clue?

Hey n080by - sadly no joy yet but I went on the telegram group “joinmarket web ui” and i saw others who used the seed to extract their funds into another wallet app, grateful i only assigned a few test sats otherwise I’d be climbing the walls.

I haven’t got as far as you unfortunately so that screen is news to me but the telegram group looks pretty active and seems like this app might have been too premature for umbrel. I hope you resolve your jm issues soon. cheers

Cool, I’ll join there, thanks :slight_smile:

Was a fix ever provided for this issue?
“.jmdat cannot be created/opened, it is locked.”