It's tappening — Announcing Umbrel v0.3.10

Umbrel v0.3.10 is out with taproot-enabled Bitcoin Core v0.21.1, a brand new app in the Umbrel App Store — BlueWallet Lightning — that allows you to connect your BlueWallet directly to your Lightning node on Umbrel, and Tor connection support for both BlueWallet iOS and Android. Just login to your dashboard to update! :rocket:

BlueWallet Lightning

You can now use the latest BlueWallet app on your iOS or Android that has native Tor support (finally!), and follow the new instructions on the “connect wallet” screen to connect your BlueWallet to your Umbrel’s Bitcoin and Lightning node.

And of course, the latest Bitcoin Core v0.21.1 is taproot ready! :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square: :green_square:


I just updated. On Debian, I did manually, because I want to see how is updating. I also want to keep my edited lnd.conf file.
Maybe new released will show also on dashboard a nice animated status, how is updating.
Update worked perfect and fast.

An important NOTE for Bluewallet and Umbrel users: If you use Android 8 or older, DO NOT UPDATE your Bluewallet to v 6.1.0. It is not supported and is crashing. It is about including Tor and seems that is an restriction.
You have 2 options right now:

  • wait for Bluewallet to find a solution and make a new release
  • upgrade your OS phone to Android 9+
  • if you can’t upgrade OS, buy a newer phone :grinning: (time for you to use a Pixel + GrapheneOS)

Thanks for the quick update!

One thing: on my end (umbrel @ ubuntu 21.04) /bin/bitcoin-cli is not working anymore. Could somebody please verify this? Maybe I just screwed things up locally.

Edit: @aarondewes :+1: Thank you! “sudo” was missing as well. So my fault.

The Update wipes the Settings in lnd.conf for node Alias. I am guessing the upgrade wipes the lid.conf and replaces with new. But, it would be a great feature to be able to set Alias from the Settings in Umbrel node.


If you want to connect to Bluewallet in Umbrel open the Connect Wallet sidebar nav, and select Bluewallet to get the QR code for your core node address.

However, contrary to the order the instruction tell you, I believe you should first connect your bitcoin node through mobile Bluewallet’s Network / Electrum Server, and only then can you connect the LND server through the Network / Lightning Settings.

At this point all your existing Bitcoin (base layer) wallets will be connected to your own Bitcoin node, which is sweet.

But when it comes to your lightning wallets, the old one is still custodial. You would have to create a new Lightning Wallet in Bluewallet which would connect to your own LND lightning node.

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Android 9 also crashing…

Any thoughts on Purism Librem 5? Does it work with Umbrel?

Why should not work?

Check your lnd.conf file, looks like your node name went back to default.

I put it correctly before starting the node, but I don’t know what happen, is back to default. Also I can’t install the new BW app now…

ah sorry, the entire umbrel install, including bitcoin.conf and lnd.conf, is reset on update to make sure updates are deterministic in nature, we install them from a clean slate (whether you do a manual update or via the UI)

can you try restarting your umbrel and then try installing BW app again?

Yes I did that, but seems that is something worse…