Issues after Latest Update to v0.3.13

I am using IPV4. I do change my alias, but I had the same suspicion that could be the problem.

Force updating via SSH to v0.3.13 and not changing the alias----the problem still persist

Force updating via SSH back to v0.3.10 and changing the alias to a custom name ---- 15 hours up with no problems

I changed my username through the terminal, but not the alias.
Followed this instructions… How can I change my Username?

Not sure if it is related to the Alias honestly.

interesting! I’ll see how I go with this static IP address (still ok after 12+ hours), and if it dies I will check out your solution. Thanks!

Hmm. My IPV6 trick broke Mempool… so even though LND and Bitcoin are running fine, I think I’m just going to force-restore back to 0.3.10 and wait for someone from Umbrel to patch these last two updates. I’d seen that they felt it wasn’t causing the issues on Telegram, but now I think the evidence is too strong given how many of us are having issues.

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I wonder if the underlying OS (raspberry pi os right?) had some changes made to it in-between Umbrel os 0.3.10 and 0.3.13?

Nothing caught my eye in the actual changes inbetween those Umbrel OS releases :

Yes, I am sticking with 0.3.10 until I see an update past 0.3.13.

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My problem also started after changing the Alias.
So far (9 hours) after manually reinstalling the update and NOT changing my alias all is still running perfectly

Well, it seems like 0.3.10 and Alias or 0.3.12 and No Alias.
For me, I’ve been down so long now, I’m playing it safe and going with 0.3.10 and no alias. I already dropped 8 spots in the rankings on Lightning Terminal…

Alias and new features will have to wait.

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Had problems without changing my Alias!

I did nothing special, except update.

Seems to be clean with “line code” typed.

add me to the list of having intermittent connectivity issues. Restarting gets it to sync again but doesn’t last long. I have also been fiddling with my Alias, and balance of satoshi, but everything was working fine before this update.

@The_Lorax Do you just rollback to an older version with a terminal command? don’t see that option in the UI.

I got the same problem with v0.3.13 but I will be down till next version is ready.


cd ~/umbrel && sudo ./scripts/update/update --repo getumbrel/umbrel#v0.3.10

Via SSH to roll back to the previous version.


Thank you JDeesy, I wrote your command, and it lookslike it might work.
Will know more in an houre or two.

Now all the channels are up and running again, so it looks promising. Let us hope it will be stable.

It just stopped working :frowning:

I give you my feedback, my node is stable from about 2 days without lost channels connexions.

Thank you @JDeesy

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Did you flash back to .10 from .13? Have you changed your alias?

Once I flashed back to .10 and did not change my alias I have been up. I think 2 full days with no problems.

Update. 2 days after manually reinstalling v0.3.13 my node has the same problems again, sync stopping, unable to access from Macbook but can still access from iphone.
I am running on the recommended hardware and have had zero problems since I set the node up over a month ago. But since this latest update I got constant problems, going to go back to v0.3.10 and see how that goes


I have not change my alias. I hope v0.3.14 soon will come.

Hmmmm, I think you are the first one to continue to have the issue after flashing back.