Issue with receiving Lightning payment

I’ve opened a few Channels and have some inbound liquidity (at least I think so). I’m creating an invoice (2,000 sats) in Umbrel Lightning Wallet and try to send from a different Lightning Wallet (BW). I get the following error message:

My RTL app shows In-bound liquidity:

Have I missed something?

Every hop along the way needs liquidity. You may be able to receive this payment but nodes your connected to may be out of balance. I had this issue with BW for a time. Fixed it by connected to a few more well connected nodes.

Thanks. I’m connected to ACINQ and have 110k inbound liquidity with them. I would assume their node have balance all the time. Or do you mean my BW wallet? The specific one I’m using is connected to their server.

I connected with a couple of more well connected nodes and I’m still facing the same issue as described above. Any other ideas?

You may also need to just wait a bit of time until the new channel information propagates to other nodes. How did you create inbound liquidity?

One person in this community opened a channel with me and I’ve also paid myself to a BW Lightning wallet that’s connected to “their server” (not sure if that’s the right way to put it) and I’m guessing they have enough liquidity?

What could be the issue is that the funding channel used by say ACINQ looks like your southxchange channel. They would not be able to send any sats as they are all on the remote balance side. If ACINQ has channels that are balanced like WITTYNODE then they can send and receive easily. How the channel is balanced is not taken into account when searching for a route so if the channel is out of balance, heavy on one side the route fails.
Yes ACINQ should have balanced channels but not everyone tends to their node or they open too small of channels and the network has trouble routing.
What you can do is balance your channels which will help routing. I’d push funds from ACINQ and have the funds return on southxchange. You can try pushing funds from 1ML but I was never able to as they must be drastically out of balance on their end. I closed a channel to them after a month or two of not routing any payments.