Insufficient Funds error message

I think I have both inbound and outbound liquidity channels on my umbrel lighting node but I just can’t get passed this error message. I cant send or receive or perform a loop action lighting terminal?? I seem to have funds in my wallet?? I have looked at all the post on here but still don’t see what I’m doing wrong.
Any help please.
Thanks in advance

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Hey @Horace! Are you sure your channels are balanced?
You can check that using the RTL app, make sure all the liquidity is not on your peer side otherwise you won’t be able to send payments through the Lightning Network.

Thanks @Marcaday well 2 channels have all the Sats on my side. One channel all on the other side. I was trying to loop out some sats to the other side on the channels but continue to get the inefficient funds to perform the action??? So I’m unsure have I can balence them? I brought a load on inbound liquidity from Volt which I hoped would solve the issues but this si not the case

Also I was under the impression I could send out if all the Sats where on my side? but this does seem to be the case

same issue here, I open a channel with Boltz and 1ML Alpha, all the balance is on my side but I can’t rebalance with ACINQ (a channel that can send and receive ), I can’t send from Boltz and 1ML, same damn error Insufficient Funds in RTL and ThunderHub.

I have 3 channels every one of 1mil sats but only ACINQ is working, very annoying
From what I see nobody have a fix for it