ISP Throttling Connections? Control Peers on Node?

Hi All,

When I set up node the second time with umbrel this time, I had 120+ peers even had 4 lightning peers when synced the thing was running hot! even fired up the simpletorrent a few times so many connections! although I had to wait for the sync because the app install crashed during syncing.

Its not a Pi its a HP2U Running Ubu on VMWare 12cores / 12gbRAM 2TB S-SSD EVO. My ISP is British Telecom, stepfather worked for them so we have free internet I left a node running and syncing previously before when he was working for them must have lagged lol

Anyway he mentioned they stopped or did something but I turned it off didn’t look was busy anyway… Fast forward he’s retired we still have the connection… Its 9-15ms 60Down 10Up I set up new umbrel node.

But a while after downloading the full chain maybe a couple of reboots and updates but my peers have dropped to 11 and no lightning peers and has never recovered.

The thing runs through Tor this time so… Yeah am I crazy are they throttling my connections some how some way or is there some like algorithm on my router I don’t know the possibilities are endless is it because I finished the chain so I didn’t need so many peers. Did my node get banned from other peers for something?

Is there way to control the nodes like you can in core with gui… Please no cli noooooo.

Any ideas anyone?

Many Thanks,