Is there a way we can increase the Memory size in the mempool app?

Bit the chain being clogged with monkey jpgs and brc-20 transactions the RPi settings aren’t holding up to well.
The mempool app is getting far behind.

Is there a way at least with the 8gb raspberry pi to increase the memory allocation from 300mb to at least a gb.


You can add the line:

To bitcoin.conf using command
sudo nano ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin/bitcoin.conf

This will increase to 1000MB…

Can reference “Locating the bitcoin.conf” file here

Then you can restart node from Bitcoin Node Advanced settings > Save and Restart Bitcoin Node to take effect


Awesome I didn’t realize it was that easy for other apps.

Thank you

I did this last month when I had a stuck channel open. I couldn’t bump the fee because my own mempool lost the transaction. Easy fix!