Mempool gets stuck 5 hours behind

My mempool keeps getting stuck. The only way to get it work again is to uninstall the app and reinstall. TIA for any suggestions on a resolution.

My also stopped several times and I had to restart umbrel to make it work. I suspect this issue might have been caused by mempool overflow since the pool got filled with ordinals. Bitcoin is working fine though.

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try this.

do you accept all types to your node?
The large mempool site ma be accepting transactions you don’t. (RBF for example.)
Im not positive but I think if a user sends a transaction with rbf option your node may not accept it if you dont have it in the options. Not positive about this either
Also correct me if im wrong…your mempool flushed when you restarted
It may not be getting things in the far past that the other mempool has in its memory.
You node is only verifying newer transactions

im far from an expert these are only some ideas

Its fine. it flushed the transactions when you rebooted its only looking back so far when it restarts
something like that.

When you rebooted it didnt jump to 500MB instantly it started loading new transactions.
if you restarted it right now it would have less in its memory than right now.

someone with a better understanding will chime in but im pretty sure that’s the reason.

You can ask in r/BitcoinBeginners and get a answer rather quickly

don’t restart your system’

The mempool flushes transactions if they don’t meet the fee requirement, the memory is full or when you restart.

There is nothing wrong. They will be in a block

your memory will fluctuate eventually it will match or be very close to the one you are looking at online.
All those old stuck transactions need to get pushed through first

I dont know if this will help you

When the block gets mines your node will re validate any transactions.

Transactions get validated twice.

Some transactions have been waiting for confirmation for weeks with the congestion.

Those transactions have not yet been rebroadcast since you wiped your mempool by restarting.

Those transactions have been forgotten by your pool as they are held in RAM

Your mempool data isnt growing to full 1 gb because people have upped their fees and those are being processed as the come in. Yet your still cacheing some of the low fee transactions as they are being rebroadcast along with other low fee transactions being put behind the higher fee transactions which are being processed.

Get a UPS to help with power outages.

Rebooting your node will flush the mempool and potentially make it different from other mempools. This is because the mempool is stored in the node’s memory, and a reboot clears the memory.

When a node is rebooted, it will start with an empty mempool and will begin to receive new transactions from the network.

These new transactions may be different from the ones that were in the previous mempool, which could cause inconsistencies between the node’s mempool and other node’s mempools.

It is also possible for nodes to have different mempools even without a reboot, due to differences in network connectivity or transaction validation rules.

It is very important for all nodes in a network to regularly communicate and synchronize their mempools to ensure consistency.

This is the way I understand it and your right it could be wrong but I feel like its at least very close

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My Mempool does not show any incoming transactions and it stops showing the progress of validated blocks either unless you restart Umbrel. My bitcoin node suggests it is working fine though. Once restarted Mempool starts working fine for a few days then it stops working again. I wonder what went wrong.

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Same, I tried 1Gb mempool then back to 300Mb. I don’t understand why mempool doesn’t show the same blocks that are in bitcoin core.

hows your RAM doing? Maybe it isn’t keeping up. Thats all I can think of at the moment.
if your on a 4 gb RPi4 you maybe overloaded. I dont have much bloat on mine and im using 6.8GB of the 8 GB I have with the mempool RAM set at 1 GB.

And its operating perfectly.

mempool = 2.1 GB
Bitcoin Node = 1.6 GB

thats already 3.7 GB a 4 GB RPi most likely can’t handle that.

I am experiencing the same thing right now. My mempool is almost 600 blocks behind. Do I just wait?

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I am experiencing the same problem. My umbrel has been running fine for 18 months and just recently the mempool app gets stuck as others have noted. If I uninstall mempool and reinstall, it works for about two days and then gets stuck again.

This is the problem with Umbrel: they keep bloating the system and adding fancy apps, but they don’t take care to keep the basics operating properly!

blame ordinals and brc-20
you can set your node to keep transactions less than 2 weeks and set it to reject low fee transactions that will help
or get a pi with more ram