Increase Mempool Memory Size

Is it possible to increase the mempool memory size, as the default of 300MB seems too low (I was thinking of increasing it to 1GB)? I was trying to find the configuration file, but didn’t want to change anything then break the node.


I think that I answered my own question, in fact you can increase the Mempool Memory size, as the configuration file lies in

I changed the line maxmempool=300 to maxmempool=500 and it seems to have worked. I restarted Umbrel, and now it’s showing 500MB in the Memory usage field on the mempool app. I’ll report back if there’s any issues when it hits 300MB+

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Great. Please do!

I think there’s no issues as the memory usage is hitting 325MB, and I checked my top to see if it’s causing any problems for my Raspberry Pi 4 Model B with 4GB RAM, and it’s showing 700-800MB free. I wonder if the 8GB RAM model will have no issues if we increased the maximum mempool from 300MB to 1GB?

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I am running my Umbrel node on a Raspberry 4 8gigs and raised the value to 1 gig (1000 value in bitcoin.conf). On startup CPU and system load took a beating for approximately five mins. Since then, everything is looking good.

Can this still works with Umbrel 1.1?

Now I don’t have nor user nor password of my server.