Is it possible to self-host BTCPay server on Umbrel?


Is it possible to self-host BTCPay server on Umbrel? We are not able to make it work.

Umbrel has removed Maintenance tab from BTCPay server. I didn’t know that Umbrel has modified the BTCPay server before I’ve purchased it.

Is there anything in particular from the maintenance tab you need?
The reason it’s hidden is because it is installed with the BTCPAY_DOCKERDEPLOYMENT: “false” flag enabled on Umbrel, as it invokes scripts that depend on BTCPay being installed with its own standalone docker environment which is not compatible with the Umbrel Docker environment.

I assume this is related to clearnet access of BTCPay, you can still set it up with the following guides.

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Thanks for reply.
Yes, I need all the features there. If you are using Umbrel, you will loose functions like Update, Restart, Clean, AND MOSTLY Domain name. I can’t setup a domain name now. The whole Umbrel is useless now for me. And I think log was there too so I can’t check the log for troubleshooting.

  • I don’t want to use Dynamic DNS service. I have mine own static IP address that I want to use and mine own domain.

  • AND NO cloudflare. Cloudflare can see or modify all of your traffic, as it acts as a middleman between the client’s browser and your local server.

  • And of course I don’t want any Loona node. I want to self-host BTCPay server.

I don’t want to use any third party. If I wanted to use any third party, I could as well use traditional payment gateway that also allows to accept bitcoin.

Ok I will forward this feedback to the team.

The TOR reverse proxy approach should still work too outside of port-forwarding.