Connect BtcPay Server with Umbrel on separate Servers

Hello everything is fine?

I’m having problems connecting my light wallet to the BTCPAY system

I have two servers on AWS

1 - with umbrella installed
2 - with CtcPay Server Installed

Each machine running a system individually.

Both are pointing the IP to my domain

My domain server already has an SSL, that is, all traffic that enters my domain will be able to use HTTPS

First, I installed BtcPay Server on my ec2

  1. Connect to the server via SSH.

  2. Become superuser:

    sudo su -
  3. Update system packages:

    sudo apt update
  4. Install Docker:

    sudo apt install
  5. Set environment variables for the BTCPay Server:

    export BTCPAY_PROTOCOL=https
  6. Create a directory for the BTCPay Server:

    mkdir BTCPayServer
  7. Start and enable Docker:

    sudo systemctl start docker && sudo systemctl enable docker
  8. Install Docker Compose:

    sudo curl -L "$(uname -s)-$(uname -m)" -o /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
    sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/docker-compose
  9. Clone the btcpayserver-docker repository in the created directory:

    cd BTCPayServer
    git clone
    cd btcpayserver-docker
  10. Set additional environment variables required for configuration:

    export NBITCOIN_NETWORK="mainnet"
    export BTCPAYGEN_CRYPTO1="btc"
    export BTCPAYGEN_ADDITIONAL_FRAGMENTS="opt-save-storage-s"
    export BTCPAYGEN_LIGHTNING="lnd"
    export BTCPAY_ENABLE_SSH=true
  11. Start the BTCPay Server configuration script:

    . ./ -i

These were the commands I used to install the system on my EC2

First, I installed BtcPay Server on my ec2

Then I ran it on another ec2, Umbrel. I installed Node Bitcoin, Node Light and waited for synchronization.

First question!

Umbrel doesn’t load when I put HTTPS in the url, even though my domain allows HTTPS. It only opens with HTTP.

Second question!

When I connect the BTCPAY SERVER with Umbrel, I do the following:

Go to the side menu, access the page > Lightning node then > Connect to a Lightning node

Remember that when installing BTCPAY I chose LND because it is native to Umbrel, right?


The problem I face is:
My Node on Umbrel is only being accessed via HTTP and BTCPAY requires the connection to be https as shown in the image above


When I put mylnd (TOR address or any other address, it always starts with numeto and not http)

Where and how can I get this address as required by btcpay?