BTCPayServer on Umbrel w/ Cloudflare Tunnels

Just wanted to post the magic sauce needed to get BTCPayServer working well on Umbrel when using Cloudflare Tunnels to expose it to clearnet w/ TLS.

The solution was here all along:

I’m reposting here for visibility, as I searched high and low and couldn’t find this on my own.

Please follow:

ssh umbrel@umbrel.local    (or the IP of your Umbrel server)      Password is the same as Umbrel Web UI
nano ~/umbrel/app-data/btcpay-server/.env.app_proxy



Then save using: Control + X, then: Y, then:

Finally, run this command to restart BTCPay Server:

~/umbrel/scripts/app restart btcpay-server

This probably works for other reverse proxying services like Tailscale, or running your own nginx (perhaps from a NAS), etc.