Using BTCPay Server with e-commece websites

Hello, I’m trying to connect the BTCPay Server running under Umbrel with an external website. I can see that the only way to access the server is through an onion address. The problem is that will involve the user buying on the e-commerce to have a TOR browser and that’s not the common usage out there.

I can see that Raspiblitz uses a service called IP2TOR and the BTCPay Server can be accessed from outside without requiring the user to use a TOR browser.

Any ideas on how to implement this with the Umbrel node? any future ideas or projects to develop something similar in Umbrel? Thanks

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You can add “.ly” at the end of the onion address, so it uses the TOR2web for clearnet connections (they’re trustworthy since they don’t keep any logs whatsoever and would delete them after 24 hours) , just remember to secure your node as much as possible, as HTTPS might be finicky with TOR.

There’s another procedure posted on the BTCPay Server Docs:

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Hi, did you ever resolve your issue? I can access the PoS if I use my desktop, which is the same desktop for accessing my node. However, if I use another PC or laptop, I cannot access the PoS.

Hey I have pushed new information on

Is working for me now… Have you followed the guide on the docs to create the reverse proxy to Tor?

Hi Daniel, I just had a look at the new information for Reverse Proxy to Tor. With all those lines of code, it seems pretty complex because I am not a programmer nor technical. I wonder if there’s another more simpler way?

Hey! if you are referring to the Point of Service App listed at the beginning of as stated on the docs on point 7:

Click View App to view your PoS (Your customers can access the PoS through that link).

The answer to your question is yes, they need a Tor browser. The problem is that this is not common on normal users.

I know that following the docs on creating a reverse proxy to Tor is not easy if you are not a developer. I can give you a hand on that if you wanted and test if it works for you.

Let me know if this helps.

Hi, thanks for your offer of help. I think I found a way around this. I came across this link:
This might be a way to get around this issue?

Yes, that would be a solution. The only detail I don’t like is that you are exposing your node’s IP.

You can try it and let us know if it worked!

i’ve just tried doing this. Trying to connect my WooCommerce store to the BTCPay instance on my umbrel node, and when i try to access the URL for a pairing code - it just gives me a 404 not found on

I really want to just be able to setup lightning payments on BTCPay, using my umbrel node - and i just can’t seem to get it to work :cry:

I think there is something wrong in your setup, if you access on your browser what do you get? In my case I see the login page of BTCPay Server on my Umbrel node.

I see you sent me a message, let’s see what is your problem and try to solve it…

It would be nice to post here the solution for other members.

This case was solved. For anyone else:

There were some errors following the guide posted on docs and using an AAAA record, the certbot showed errors when trying to get the certificate. All solved now :partying_face:

Hi Daniel,
Can you explain better how yoi solves this?

I’m stuck at Step 3: Configure your BTCPay docker install to provide HTTPS certificates

I’m not a dev so I don’t understand if it’s possible with umbrel

For using your BTCPay instance with Umbrel, you should look into this amazing guide

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