External BTCPay server + umbrel for lightning?

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I’m pretty new with Umbrel and lightning, and have some doubts:

:cloud: I have a BTCPay Server in the cloud.

:zap: Recently I opened a lightning channel on my Umbrel.

Any idea how can I use my Umbrel lightning channel on an external BTCPay Server?
Any link/tuto would be great :pray:

Thank you for helping

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I think you’ll find this short paragraph in BTCPay docs useful: https://docs.btcpayserver.org/LightningNetwork/#connecting-an-external-lightning-node-in-btcpay

From my understanding, you should:

  1. Access your BTCPay Server dashboard and go into your store’s settings, enable Lighting if it isn’t already.
  2. You should then be prompted with the Lightning settings for this store. Select ‘Use a custom Lightning node’
  3. Go to your Umbrel > Connect wallet > lndconnect REST (Tor). Copy the lndconnect URL and paste it in the connection string field on BTCPay.
  4. Submit and test connection. Hopefully it should work :slight_smile:

It most certainly does not.
Unfortunately it only accepts HTTP or HTTPS, which, since we’re behind TOR, won’t work:

I even tried setting it in the format they want. No go.

The only way to do this is going to be with a reverse proxy. I’m trying to adapt this tutorial, but not having any luck b/c I don’t know what to do with nginx. Last time I tried to install it, it screwed everything up.


There are instructions on reverse proxy to tor and a docker container:

disclaimer: I’ve not tried it (yet)

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Also related…

SatSale is adding Tor

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I am having a similar issue. I want to connect the BTCpayserver to a Shopify integration.

Having a similar issue with tor connections.

I am going to try the reverse proxy this afternoon but this makes me question what BTCpayserver is doing on my Umbrel node in the first place since it can’t be accessed by clearnet users. If I’m setting up a VPS for the reverse proxy, why not just install BTCpayserver there too?

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Any one figure this out?

I used lndconnect REST (Tor) from Umbrel and get the error code “Invalid URL (The key ‘type’ is mandatory, possible values are clightning, charge, lnd-rest, lnd-grpc, eclair, ptarmigan)” everytime

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Here is a guide specifically for BTCpay reverse proxy

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I used this guide perfectly with one exception…
When I visit and select pay with Bitcoin on my webstore, it still points to btcpay.DOMAIN.com:3003.
Is there another step to have the 3003 point to 15443?

I have the same problem, did you manage to solve it?

The problem is that my BtcPay is on an ec2 machine and my umbrella is on another machine, consequently on different networks.

How would I make this communication between the two