Funding a Lightning Channel

I have installed the latest version of Umbrel on Raspberry Pi 4 without issue
I have transferred 175,000 sats to the Umbrel Bitcoin Wallet.
I understand to open a channel, I will fund the channel from the BTC wallet.
However I also want to open an incoming channel from LNBIG and thhety want to be paid from my Umbrel Lightning Wallet.

So how can I transfer Sats from the Umbrel Bitcoin Wallet to the Umbrel Lightning Wallet.
It would seem to be such a simple thing to do and yet appears impossible :slight_smile:
thank you

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Thanks for responding.

So i managed and opened a channel and funded 100,000 sats to test it out.
In places I read it will take 30 minutes for the channel to open.
I’ve been waiting a few hours and still it says status is Opening.
Anything I can do or just be patient?

thank you

Opening a channel, takes 3 confirmation blocks, that means in 30 min your channel is active.
But… those 30 min start only when your tx was included into a block. So it could stay in mempool longer until it gets through, depending on the fee you used. If you used a lower fee like sat/vB then it will take some time.
You can click on opening channel tx and open the mempool page to see when will be confirmed.
Patience, will get through.
Meanwhile, please read the getting started guide for umbrel and all the rest of the guides from the special section

No need.

Just go to lighting and open channel, funds will be automatically deducted



I got excited when it said it would be confirmed in 41 minutes this morning … but then it decided to stick me back in the queue indefinitely. Boo!

Yes that works if you have opened a channel… but it doesn’t work if you want to open in incoming channel because they want to be paid from the Lightning Wallet which has a 0 balance. So it seems you have to have a channel open first before you can pay for an incoming channel.

Just pay from another LN wallet.

? You want to pay someone?
Fund a LN wallet like BlueWallet with BTC.

now over a day and still not connected - something aint right
is there any undo function :slight_smile:

I understand what you are trying to do.

Are you trying to buy inbound liquidity from LNBIG?

Explained here