Install Umbrel VM on Windows PC

Hello, I have a PC running WIndows 10, and I would like to install the UMBREL virtual machine (VM) on it. However, I cannot find any instructions to help me achieve this. I’d appreciate if someone could send me the link to where I can obtain the relevant information/instructions, to install UMBREL VM on a Windows PC. Many Thanks :slight_smile:

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I want to do the same

Check this VMware player that installs on Windows10, to run ubuntu …and let me know if it works for anyone :slight_smile:

Hi @winsoft and @tiamatth ,

I actually just did this a couple weeks ago and it’s both easy and is working well (so far). What I did:

Good luck!

Edit on Sept 19, 2022: Although this worked initially, I am now unable to access the Umbrel dashboard from either the host machine or a different computer on the same dashboard. Not sure if this is just a general configuration issue or if it is related to running Umbrel on a Windows machine (WSL).