Linux pc umbrel 1.0

I’m trying to install Umbrel 1.0 on my Linux PC. Is there a guide I can follow? What I’m curious about is whether I can install it directly on the disk where Linux is installed.


The content of the question was insufficient. When I flashed Umbrel 1.0 OS on my Linux PC, ‘press any key’ did not work and stopped working. Do I need to install Umbrel on the drive where I previously formatted Linux? The main point of the question is whether it is possible to overwrite Umbrel OS on an SSD drive installed with Linux.

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How to update from umbrelOS 0.5 to umbrelOS 1.1 on Linux devices - Announcements - Umbrel Community


Umbrel is an operating system - hence UmbrelOS. It is based on Debian with the Umbrel-specifics added on top and without a traditional desktop UI.

You can. Follow the installation guide here: Install umbrelOS on x86 systems · getumbrel/umbrel Wiki · GitHub
If you can boot using the usb with the flasher, install to the correct drive (it will wipe it and install - overwriting your Linux installation). After the ‘press any key’ it should go blank and you take out the USB, then power on the PC again. You can follow the progress of the first boot by still having the monitor connected.
Watch it and when it comes up with login to terminal or something like that, the username and password are both umbrel. At that point, try connect to umbrel.local from another device on the same network. If that doesn’t work, run ip addr in the Umbrel’s terminal and find the one which begins with 192.168.1, note it and you should be able to connect to it in a web browser.
Once you can connect to it, you are free to unplug monitor and keyboard as they are no longer needed and your Umbrel is ready.

If you have any problems, ask away!

By the way, the latest version is 1.1.1.


I currently have my sparrow wallet running on the same linux machine as umbrel 0.5 I understand Umbrel 1.0 is a new OS and will wipe my existing linux OS and all it’s applications but will I be able to install sparrow wallet on the new umbrel 1.0 os? Does that make sense?