Initial setup failure

Hey Everyone,

I just started to setup Umbrel today and somehow it just doesn’t go over a certain step.

My setup:

  • raspberry pi 4 model B 8GB (EU version from UK)
  • samsung T7 SSD 2TB

I followed the steps from the website, downloaded the latest version 0.5.0; then downloaded balena etcher 1.7.9, and flashed the SD card, plug it all in, used a ethernet cable directly to the router.

Used the typical address after like 10m, but Umbrel wasn’t working. Checked into the community posts and since then, I flashed the mini SD card multiple times, and only when I connected to the TV I took the picture I’m attaching.

All says OK, but it’s there waiting for some password? I was checking the community posts and tried to use ssh connection using the default password, but nothing changes… looked into the router addresses, used angry IP scanner… but the Pi doesn’t appear there.

Don’t know what else to try, anyone has any ideas?


Just leaving here the steps I did, even though I think in the end it was just plugging in a USB keyboard to the pi (didn’t even needed to type anything) and it automatically just jumped over that part.

in case someone else will have the same, this is all the things I did:

  • downloaded the previous version of Umbrel from GitHub (0.4.18), since I saw some issues on the 0.5.0
  • flashed the mini sd card with the old one 0.4.18
  • formatted the hard-drive (I have a Mac so it was with the default APFS)
  • plugged it all in, and turned it on
  • got stuck again…
  • plugged in the usb keyboard, and boom. immediately got done.