Developing an Umbrel app for LN

Do you have advice, tutorials or other resources I can look through to learn how to make an Umbrel app?

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Just make the app and prepare it to be “dockerized”. All apps in Umbrel are dockerized.
Done. Then propose it to Umbrel devs to be added to the next release.

Ooooh it’s @btc_ln! Can’t wait to learn about your app idea! :grin:

Meanwhile, here’s our one-page doc that goes over packaging and submitting an existing app for Umbrel. We used BTC RPC Explorer as the example app in the doc.

If you’ve any questions, feel free to lay them down here!


If you need any help packaging your app, don’t hesitate!

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Thanks a lot! The app idea is simple. Same as but easier within the app, because the app will login and open channel for you based on your settings.

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Updated link in case someone is looking for instructions: