I can't generate an invoice when accessing Umbrel with Tailscale


I can’t generate an invoice when accessing Umbrel with https://tailscale.com/.

I see the message: Not allowed by CORS


Use Zeus + Tailscale. Or Zap.
If you really have to use your node from outside LAN, use Tor onion addresses for your RTL and/or Thunderhub, much better to manage your LN node.

One app that I couldn’t load on Android is Sphinx Chat with Tailscale on Umbrel. Opened an issue here: https://github.com/stakwork/sphinx-kotlin/issues/425

Are you able to run Sphinx Chat with Umbrel+Tailscale?


i have no problems creating invoices through Tailscale

can you access any other apps?

Good question. Didn’t try that because I removed Sphinx from my node. Didn’t use it too much.
But I used some other apps with success with Tailscale.

What you have to take in consideration is to run also tailscale on your mobile every time before opening sphinx or other app to connect to your umbrel. Is like Orbot VPN actually, only that is running on private IPs not Tor.

So regarding your original question, I think you misunderstand how to use Tailscale + Umbrel.
I could write a guide about that if you still have troubles and add it into the Guides section of this forum.

Yes, I tested with tailscale on mobile. Didn’t work. I’m able to use browser on mobile and access Umbrel using tailscale IP.

If you could install tailscale and Sphinx Chat relay on Umbrel and tailscale and Sphinx chat on Mobile and test if works, I appreciate.