Problems connecting Umbrel with Blue wallet

I have a Blue Wallet wallet connected with my Umbrel node. Tried to create an invoice but have the following msj.
API failure: Error: The network connection was lost. undefined
Same msj if I try to reload the wallet.

Since last Umbrel Update I have problems to connect with my Samourai Wallet using Whirpool and same issues with my Hardware Wallet. Tor is not running properly

Any idea?

With the new version of Umbrel 0.4.14 you have a new way to connect your wallets to your node: Tailscale.
Install that app in Umbrel and connect your mobile wallets through the VPN Ip provided. Works perfectly.

I have blue wallet and Zeus that will not connect after the update. It’s been 2 days with a raspberry pi so maybe more time is needed. I did try tailscale but was unsuccessful connecting.

Interestingly though I used the blue wallet default server and was able to connect and get updates. Will there be updated wallet connect instructions for tailscale?

Tailscale is a VPN. That’s it.
Once you activate it you get a private VPN IP, start tailscale on your mobile device then open your wallet app and use that VPN IP to connect.

I did that and in 5 min with all setup I was connected to my node through a private VPN.
Is not a big deal.