How to login when user name is unknown?

Raspberry Pi is running and the Blockchain is cynced. I can type in “umbrel.login” in my browser and then the page “umbrel.local/login” opens. This shows a “Welcome Back” screen and asks for a password. I however don’t know a password and neither I know an inlog name. The inlogname I can’t chose nether I can ask for a password reset. I know there seems to be a User login: umbrel and a Password: moneyprintergobrrr, but the user I can not change and the password is incorrect. All the instructions to to set up the BTC node seems pretty clear, however the 24 seed words I have nog been asked for to fill in. So here I am in a “loop” I wish to get out. I can start the whole procedure again, but then I am afraid I need to sync the blockchain again which takes four days more. Update: I have now re-flashed my card and re-started the Raspberry Pi. But no change: All seems okay, but I have no password and I can not reset the password. Someone with an idea to help me out here…?