How Long to Install Bitcoin App?

I am new here and brand new to Umbrel and nodes. I have just built a Rasberry Pi 4 and it seems to be running well. I do have a slow internet connection at the moment, about 10 Mbps. After a few minutes I was able to connect to my nodes Umbel homepage and clicked on the install Bitcoin Node which said it would take a few minutes, it has now been an hour. This is still just the node software, not the blockchain.
How long should I wait? I was expecting 5-10 mins. Is there a way I can stop it and start again?
Please bear in mind I am completely new to this and haven’t tried any CLI before.
I am using Umbrel 0.5.1
Thanks for any help

Hi, well it seems that logging into the node again with a different device has done the trick. i clicked again for it to download the bitcoin app and it worked straight away. All good, please ignore my post. I’m sure to have more questions later

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