Bug: Unable to install Lightning Node

Hi guys,

It seems that there’s some bug when I try to install LN, since there’s no error message after I click the Install button:

It just stays like this for hours:

This may take a few minutes

Any suggestion?



Hi @pragma
Do you have any update?
You was able to install LN node?
It coul’d take some time - few minutes to install it.

I waited for hours and nothing @crucifix.

Also I am unable to install any other app.

The screen just says… “INSTALLING…” This may take a few minutes.

And nothing happens and nothing is installed.

I already restarted Umbrel, but the issue persists :confused:

I gave up.

Its sad to see that there is no response from Umbrel devs/community for more than 2 weeks.

I’m just hobbyist trying to help.
Are you sure you have enough memory on SSD?
You have to have your Bitcoin node fully synced, that could be an issue if you don’t, but you’ll have also an error message if thats the case.

You can try to check for answer in this posts:
There is also link to Umbrel’s Telegram community, if you are not there yet.

Thanks @crucifix for the help,

I think I have enough storage (~1.3TB free) and RAM (~11GB free):

My umbrelOS Version 0.5.4


Hi @pragma sorry to hear that, we can try another way and see how we go:

First- SSH into your device

then try installing lightning from the command line

~/umbrel/scripts/app install lightning

Let me know what kind of output you get with that!
You can also generate troubleshooting logs by going to the settings dashboard on your Umbrel home-page and pressing ‘START’ under troubleshooting

Hi @smolgrrr , it seems “permission denied”

PS: I also tried to Start the Troubleshoot on settings, but got the following message:
“Error: Failed to fetch debug data.”

Interesting, can you try these instead

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/app install lightning

and then

sudo ~/umbrel/scripts/debug

Well @smolgrrr , it worked! :face_holding_back_tears:

Thank you very much!

Now I need to configure it properly…

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:people_hugging: enjoy