Installed Bitcoin Node on Umbrel 1.0.4. Still updating

I installed Umbrel 1.0.4 on RPi5 with 2TB SSD two days ago. The installation was fine. I logged into umbrel.local…then proceeded over to install the Bitcoin Node. The application seem to install. My SSD drive LED activity was very busy but then got really quiet.

So where am I at now. If I log into umbrel.local, the screen says “Updating to umbrelIOS 1.0.4”. It has been like this for two days now.

So my question/comments…is this typical application response as the blockchain is sync’d to my newly created node?

Thoughts or comments…thanks.

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I’m having a similar issue upgrading from 1.0.0 to 1.0.4 on a fully synced Pi4. I’ve ssh in and tried: cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose logs --tail=300
But Got:
umbrel@umbrel:~$ cd ~/umbrel && docker-compose logs --tail=300
-bash: docker-compose: command not found

I have just noticed that the progress bar is advancing almost imperceptibly. (It’s a hell of a lot slower than the upgrade to 1.0.0)

Thanks Jack

It did get there.

This is now in Day 5+…still in the “Updating to umbrelIOS 1.0.4” status…grrrrr…

Just as an update. My RPi5 was still in the “Updating…” state. I simply removed power and plugged my RPi5 back in. My Umbrel app booted fine, Bitcoin node was installed. Now I am in the process of synchronizing the blockchain. So far so good! Not quite sure why the Umbrel app go hung up. Will add more when the synchronization of blockchain finishes.

Ok, I just verified that my RPi5 is running Umbrel 1.0.3. So apparently the 1.0.4 was hung up. After the BTC Node synchronization finishes…I am assuming this will be a full day or so. Then I will proceed to install 1.0.4.

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I have had the same issue. The node sync works fine all downloaded to 100% than about 2 days later it just stops working. You can’t sign in or ssh from terminal. Has done this to me twice now. The last time I done as you unplugged, I also re done umbrel on the Micro SD card, but the same happened again. I’m not going to do it again. I have to see something positive from Umbrel that it is working and stable.

My new BTC Node is 66.X% sync’d. Will be another day or so to be 100%. Will post when complete.

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Into the 3rd day of BTC Node sync process. Very slow as the process is just over 91%…it is a grind.

Just providing my latest update. Since this is the first time ever creating a new BTC node, I was not sure how long the process would take. Currently I am just over 96% sync’d. So if I had to take a guess on the remaining 3.X% to sync…I would say 10 days…lol. Wow!

Hi @dgauthier677 , yes the last % of the bitcoin node synchronization takes some time :sweat_smile: