Help restore Lightning Node


I upgraded my Umbrel to 0.5. With that upgrade, there is a separate icon for lightning node as attached.
In an absent minded state, I uninstalled this lightning node. Is there a way to restore only this lightning node without the need to restore the full node of Umbrel?


Here is the screenshot of my current Umbrel. I still able to access Umbrel and the Lightning Node just reinstalled but no funds shows up

I read through some instructions to restore lightning node, they refer to 24 words of LND. I cannot recall I have these 24 words. I only wrote down tthe 24 words when I first initiated Umbrel on my Rasperry Pi 4. Are they the same or I need total 48 words (2 x 24) to be able to recover the fund on lightning node?

Pls help support.


@DarthCoin or somebody

Pls help me.

Any luck restoring your LND channels?

Not yet, I am contacting @mayank for the latest channel.backup file but no response yet.

Let me know how it goes. I think my backup is a dead and will need the same help.