Lightining Node Tor enable/disable option

Any chance an option to disable Tor connections for Lightning Node?
I very much need one becasuse my channels are 7*24 offline due to no Tor traffics!

Umbrel lightning is TOR-only for security and privacy, personally I’ve never had any issues with channel availability because of TOR.
However, if you are wanting to expose your node over clearnet, there does seem to be a guide. I’ve never tried it myself tho!

LND: Tor & Clearnet - How to setup hybrid-mode

Thank you! unfortunately Tor is blocked in where I live so…

Hello, running on Clearnet does have other implications, I understand the guide is also a bit of a hassle,

Here is a guide as well to activate a VPN on your network, in countries that block direct Tor network access, you can still use it over a VPN: How to set up a VPN on your router | ZDNET

Here’s also a good starting point to look into Snowflake

And as always please practice good OPSEC so your accounts aren’t banned across different platforms

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Thanks for the VPN over router option!

Been studying Snowflakes on my Umbrel, installed and running for 2 months, am wondering if it’s because of Snowflakes inaccessible most of the time, if yes, any way to improve the Snowflake accessibility?

If you can affort it, you may want to check out the paid LN VPN option of Tunnel :zap: Sats. It’s establishing your own tunnel and 100% reliable.

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I’m very intrested in the TunnelStas!
But my Umbrel is running on a RSPI4, any method to do the same configurations?

It’s working just fine with your RPi running umbrel