Tor has been banned in my country. How to revive the node?

Unfortunately, Tor has been banned in our country, and a node with several active channels has gone down and has not been rising for a day.

How can I run it with the same settings without using Tor?

Restored using Blixt, no problem. The only thing that saved was that Tor was not blocked on the mobile phone.

In general, it’s amazing how the software is not adapted to my situation: there is no way to easily configure Tor bridges anywhere, there is no compatibility between Tor channels and non-Tor channels.

In general, this is the end of the experiments with Umbrel. It was interesting, but this thing is not for me. Have a good moon landing to hodlers and prosperity to users and devs!

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Maybe using another service provider that doesn’t block TOR connections was an option?
I’m curious, why an ISP would want to block TOR connections anyway?


Russia is supressing the ISPs to ban Tor exit nodes where possible.
To the OP @hatred: You could in the meantime consider - carefully - whether going Hybrid is an option. That means you expose your clearnet IP. If you’re more advanced, you could add a VPN relay and masquerade your clearnet IP.
Details can be found here, lmk if you need help.

Could you use a service like Tailscale?