How can I change my SSD to 2 TB

Hello everyone
I’m super new. Still downloading my initial block chain new.
Whilst I am downloading the BTC I started looking into the other apps and stuff that came with this process.

SO I thought Nexcloud maybe something I want to use instead of Dropbox or Google.
That lead me to the thought(s) I may use more than 1TB on my Videos, and other stuff I want to move from public clouds.

My questions

  1. Is it smart and worth to move bunch of files out of dropbox to next cloud?
  2. Should I then change my 1TB external to 2+TB? If yes, then how?
  3. Is it better to have another Raspberry Pi and use that only for NextCloud (There is a shortage of Raspberry Pis)
    Thank you for your support.

For the next 5 years is enough that 1TB disk, don’t worry.
Calculate yourself:
Right now the BTC blockchain is around 500GB + LN + electrs is around 580GB in total in Umbrel.
Every 10 min will be increased with max 2MB + some others for LN + electrs. Let’s say roughly 3MB/10min.

I would not consider to change the 1TB disk for the nest 2-3 years.

When is time to change it, is simple, just make a clone image disk to disk (I would use Acronis Cloning with image at blocks level, so will copy the rights also) and just plug it back.

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I think using Umbrel btc node in a RaspPi with more apps than lightning wallet is to buy problems. BTC Core and LND are still experimental, so not full reliable, and using a 2TB SSD on RaspPi also not reliable. Why gather more problems brought by other apps?
Think easier use exclusive RaspPis for apps, or a normal PC to run those apps togetter.


Exactly, I really don’t understand why people don’t just use those apps separately, that can be installed easily and forget about Umbrel at all.
Running Umbrel without BTC and LN doesn’t make any sense.

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Thank you DarthCoin & LogoGuara. Very helpful.