Replacing SSD for a larger capacity one


Does anyone know the process to replace the SSD for one with a larger capacity on an Umbrel node while keeping all the configurations, apps, lightning channels, downloaded blocks, etc.?

Now that we have Nextcloud and PhotoPrism available on Umbrel, there will be a need for more SSD space. Is it possible to replace the SSD, or it might be easier just to connect an additional SSD with more capacity?


This guide will help you: [GUIDE] Cloning or Migrating SSD/HDD (Windows)

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an additional SDD is probably not popssible withe a Raspberry.
Not enough power

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That is true for the official power supply, but a Canakit power supply might be able to power it, but yes, a powered USB 3.0 hub would have to be used so that the RPi wouldn’t blink as if it wasn’t getting adequate power.

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