Issue restoring node

I’m in the process of restoring my node. I have the seed and the channel backup file. I created a new node instance and put in my 24 words and have attempted in replacing the channel back up file to the new node. None of my on chain funds are showing up on my node and none of my channels.

When I put the seed into sparrow and the funds are showing up.

When I put the seed and channel file into Blixt the on chain funds are showing up and the channels showing up and each channel says “waiting to close”

Any ideas why the new node instance isn’t showing anything but other methods are showing the funds?


I think you didn’t read carefully the guide about restoring a node.
In the guide is very well specified that if you start the recover process in Blixt, do not use the same seed + back in your new node instance, leave it to close the channels and wait for funds to be back in onchain.

Using the same seed + backup in two instances you can get into serious issues.
Now you have to wait until all channels are closed, could take days or even weeks, depending if your peers will be online. Try to keep your Blixt active and with Tor activated so could contact those peers, if they were Tor nodes.

Meanwhile I suggest to reset your new umbrel instance and start with a new seed, new nodeid, new wallet. Read the troubleshooting manual for instructions, it will not wipe the blockchain data, only is generating a new user and node id.

I was able to reset my new umbrel instance to a new seed. I’ll rely on Blixt to try and close my old channels. I wish I knew why recovery with seed and channel backup file with umbrel didn’t work. Thanks for your help.

In theory it should work, but as far I saw here, many users had painful times trying to restore from a previous instance, or simply they are impatient for waiting to close the channels and start doing crazy things with their nodes.

Patience is the key when you operate a LN node. Few understand this.

The option with Blixt is an easy and helpful way to recover your funds, meanwhile you are creating a new fresh, clean node ID/instance. In this way you are not messing up with old UTXOs, anchors, dust, bad history and things like that.
Always is good to have fresh start with a node.