Help, Node with LN Channel corrupted

I am running umbrel on Ubuntu with LN channels running. The SSD which contain both OS and Umbrel corrupted and I can not get in to retrieve Umbrel channel backup. Is there anyway I can get the online backup from Umbrel servers? or a way I can restore all the LN Channels and funds from both on-chain and off-chain from 24 words seed phase without channels backup files?
Thank you

@paowon apparently you are not the first one having this issue and probably nor the last one either :slight_smile: there are a few similar topics here in the community.

From my understanding, the best way is to DM @mayank or @lukechilds with your backup ID

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Thank you so much

Next time, use a Debian OS not Ubuntu. Debian is more stable, reliable and have a very good checkdisk at startup/shutdown.


Thank you