Corrupted SSD, how to get LN node channels backup?

It seems my SSD got corrupted on my umbrel node. I think the way to go forward is to make a fresh install, but I have LN channels with funds, so I need to prepare a backup in order to be able to restore all my channels/funds. How to proceed? Can anybody help? Thanks in advance.

Hi @lafrite, sorry to hear that. Good news is that if you have automatic back-ups enabled Umbrel will have your encrypted SCB back-ups, and you will just need to restore from your seed.

Agree that it is best to start fresh. Let me know if you have any further questions :slight_smile:

Thanks for your reply!

Unfortunately I’m not sure if I have that function enabled, as I cannot access the Umbrel interface anymore. Is there any way to make sure? If not, how can I backup my channels/LN important files before wiping my SSD?


can you check if you are still able to SSH even with the corrupted SSD

ssh -t umbrel@umbrel.local

and if so, please run the following

cat ~/umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep ‘backup ID’ | tail -n 1

I also forwarded your recent logs on to the team, to see if they can find them from there

Regardless restoring with your seed phrase, should give you these back-ups, but I want to confirm


When entering

“cat ~/umbrel/logs/karen.log | grep ‘backup ID’ | tail -n 1”

I get:

{“message”:“Successfully uploaded backup 1690210647024.tar.gz.pgp for backup ID 40d5ba3785983311481f9513317a11584df6e72c204647578a8c849275096163”}

Great! You are to good ahead with a fresh install now :slight_smile:

Awesome, thanks! Should I just plug the SSD onto another computer, format it, then start from scratch?

yep, thats the best way. How to easily reformat an ext4 / Umbrel drive

Thanks for your help!