Headed raspberry 4 umbrel.local dashboard will not load

I recently purchased a Raspberry Pi 4, a Raspberry 7" touch screen, Sd 32 card, power supply, Raspberry keyboard and mouse. I booted up the Raspberry headless using Umbrel and downloaded the blockchain no problem. My umbrel local was accessible from my lap top and everything seem to be in order. I then download the Raspberry image on another SD 32 card and inserted it into the Raspberry 4. I plugged in the monitor and keyboard and mouse. Everything worked fine. I still had access to the umbrel.local from my laptop then it crashed and now I can not access Umbrel.local. the pi or the laptop. Pi has the full Umbrel database on it and the full Raspberry software.It is connected to the internet works there no problem. I enabled the SSH on the Pi as suggested by other users but it does not connect to the dashboard.

I don´t understand. Do you want to run a standard linux pc and a umbrel server in one PI board, same time?

Hey mikey1, I think I need some clarification on this part, “I then download the Raspberry image on another SD 32 card and inserted it into the Raspberry 4. I plugged in the monitor and keyboard and mouse.”

  • Did you reflash it with Umbrel?

After I bought the Pi 4 and while downloading the block chain (5) days, I decided it would be convenient to have the pi with its own monitor, keyboard and mouse so I would not have to login with my laptop to the umbrel dashboard but still have the flexibility to do so. The pi is linux if I understand correctly and I used Windows 11 applications to perform all the required downloads and actions. the Umbrel file on the Pi appears to be complete and I expected to simply click on an Icon or menu item to access the dashboard but if it is there I have not been able to find it.
I am about ready to give up on this and try re- formatting everything and start from scratch. My answer is no I am not trying to install two operating system on the Pi. What ever system that was on the Pi imager is what is on my pi-4

I just want to open the umbrel dashboard as I was capable of doing when i first started up my Pi 4 using my laptop or now my fully headed Pi4, My lap top is Windows 11 the pi 4 is running what ever the current Raspberry imager is using (Linux Ubuntu)? Neither one will open umbrel.local. The Rasperry showed up in a IP ping and I tried SSH access using windows shell but it does not recognize the Command umbrel in the command line.

No I did not refresh the Umbrel. I had the block chain on my hard drive and I only downloaded the Raspberry Imager to the new SD but the Raspberry has the Umbrel database on the desktop and clicking on it it appears to have all the files.

Yes, the Umbrel system runs from the SSD. And standard Linux runs from the SDcard. But I guess Paspberry Pi doesn’t has enough power to run two systems, so developers did it to run Umbrel only. It is a server, so can be headless, as you say.
And I say you better let the Umbrel server alone, quiet in a corner,it suffers with disconecction caused by bad contacts in the SSD cable and the power cable also, because it is using those cables to limits of current.

Okay I was under the impression that The Raspberry and the Umbrel software were part of one system. So if I have this correctly the Raspberry software does not contain Umbrel software and is entirely different and has no connection to the lightning network or bitcoin. But why is headless better? If so my purchase of the Raspberry 7" monitor and keyboard and mouse was a total waste of money. Question if the Raspberry is so sensitive and fragile to connection issues why would you want to put your bitcoin on it? I will put my initial SD card with only the Umbrel download on it back in the Raspberry and let you know how it goes. Thank for your help on this it is very much appreciated

Hey mikey1, so I think you’re on the right track. The Raspberry Pi itself doesn’t “run” any particular software, though most people use something called the “Raspberry Pi OS”. Umbrel is a completely different software than that, designed specifically for self-hosted software (like a bitcoin node).

The goal is for people to be able to access their Umbrel from anywhere in the world (since all of the applications have web interfaces), so that’s why it’s designed to be headless. So no, you didn’t necessarily need the monitor and keyboard/mouse (though I have run so I don’t have to ssh in all the time).

As for the bitcoin - the bitcoin is secured by your seed phrase, not by Umbrel, but even still, we don’t actually recommend you store a lot bitcoin on the node wallet itself. (and I’m speaking from personal experience, my node has crashed many times, but my funds are still safe).

Well that was simple, it took me just a minute to swap my SD’s and I accessed my Umbrel.local immediately. I think the Raspberry people maybe sell more parts with their association with Umbrel at least in my case they did, I might not be the only naïve, ignorant, gullible new be out there, business is good.

Thanks for your help. Now i will start the process of opening channels and funding my Umbrel with bitcoin.

Runing a Bitcoin node and suporting Lightning Network is not a finances matter. It is more ethical, political and philosophical matters.

Ethical, Political and Philosophical yes I agree and my motivation is to help insure that digital currency is the future of mankind, having said that my Bitcoin has a value anywhere in the world and believe I may need this value to survive. Let the other guys lose their crypto to their governments, hackers and thieves. And do not forget this technology is supposed to be “trust no one”