Hard drive to SSD

hey guys- i started off with a hard drive as it was lying around but the IO is too slow and i want to use a ssd now. It’s 30% done on my hdd. Any efficient ideas to swap. I know mostly i’m going to have to restart. But wanted to ask anyways.

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If you have a Windows PC as your main computer, you can follow this guide: [GUIDE] Cloning or Migrating SSD/HDD (Windows)

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Thanks for the reply. I have pi man. I have other apps running on my umbrel too. so its kinda tricky for me.

So the Pi is the only computer you have?

Oh, i follow now. i do have a macOS.

AFAIK on macOS, you can use Disk Utility. Connect both drives (old and new) to your computer. Open the Disk Utility app. Select your new drive on the sidebar, then click “Restore” in the top right corner. Then choose your old drive fro the “Restore from” dropdown menu. Start cloning the drive by clicking on “Restore”.

(I never tried this myself but it should work, let me know how it goes)

Sure, will try. thanks!!

Since the hard drive is locked by the umbrel, i’m wondering if the disk utility app will pick it up for transfer. But i’ll give it a shot.

What’s the worst case scenario, I’ve to redo the sync? I’m also running pi hole and next cloud on my pi.

with hard drive its insane… for 7 days it did 33%

Only option is to Buy a Hardware Cloner and Clone drive to same size (1TB+) SSD or Just restart the sync with the SSD, only takes 3 days to finish the blockchain sync.

There are free options, no need to buy a software.

Do you have Lightning channels?

I’m going to get a ssd and restart. no i haven’t setup lightning yet.

Hi! I have the same problem. I would like to upgrade the 4TB HD for a 2TB SSD. I have instaled Lighning node and deposit some sats on the main chain but I still haven open any channels. What is the best way do you recomment should I do it? Thanks!