Change disk during sync?

Hi. I started my new Umbrel setup with a HDD, now realizing that is is syncing the blockchain way to slow. I’ve purchased a SSD now, but I’m wondering if I should start all over with the setup from scratch, or if I could just plug out the old HDD and put in the new SSD and the sync will re-start from scratch?

You don’t have to start all over again, as you can clone the HDD onto the SSD, and it’ll take over from where it was last synced.

Thanks, I was hoping for something like that could work. Any recommended way to actually do the cloning?

Are you running Windows, Mac, or Linux on your main computer?

Ah, right. I’m using Win 10 on my main computer. Did some googling, downloaded Macrium, will try it unless better suggestions?

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Macrium Reflect Free is what I’d use, and that’s perfect. I might as well make a guide for all of us to follow in case we need to move from HDD to SSD, or vice versa, expanding from any size to a bigger drive.


Yeah, that would be great. Thanks for your help so far, I’ll be reporting back how it went :slight_smile:

Update: this worked flawlessly, my Umbrel is now churning away on the SSD…and the blockchain sync is really much much faster.

Macrium Reflect Free was intuitive and good, but a noteworthy comment when cloning Linux file systems on a Windows PC is found here:

Note: Windows by default will not recognise the Ext file system, you will not be able to browse Ext file system included in an image without the use of an additional driver, the Knowledgebase article linked below contains further details:

Yeah, this is one of the cons of dealing with Ext partitions when your computer is running Windows, but at least it’s all good now. Is the SSD identical in disk space (for example you migrated from a 1TB HDD to a 1TB SSD) ?

Yes, I cloned from a 1TB HDD to a 1TB SSD. Really fascinating to observe just how much faster the sync is now!

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