Raspberry Pi switching to new, larger SSD

Hi everyone,

My current SSD drive is almost full as I’m using my Umbrel for nextcloud storage. Need to upgrade to a larger SSD. Using a Raspberry Pi 4, and access the Raspberry Pi/Umbrel through a Macbook. Can I just clone the old drive to the new one, turn off the Pi, connect the new cloned drive and then turn back on the Pi? Also, will my lightning channels restart automatically, or is it more complicated to move the lightning channels? Any help would be appreciated!!

Well, just don´t delete the original files so soon… :wink:
After cloning disk, I guess you need to expand the partition to occupy all new SSD. Run a sdcard with Raspbian Linux in your Pi and use command “resize2fs /dev/sda1” to do it.

If you clone it with Acronis clone disk, it let you resize the partition how you want.
Acronis is the best way for this operation because is doing a clone at clusters level, it doesn’t matter what format is the drive.

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Let us know what works, or doesn’t work. I’m kind of kicking myself for not starting with a 2TB SSD. Oh well, maybe my ‘spare backup’ RPi4B will run nexcloud.

I got the Tailscale working so I can access from anywhere now. Sure wish the prices were back where they belong…

Thanks for all the replies. I decided to just stick with the hardware I have for now, and use Syncthing instead of Nextcloud. Saves drive space and money; would rather stack sats than buy an unnecessary new drive:-)

Hi there,
Is it really necessary to clone the SSD on my Raspberry Pi, or can I just copy all the files on the old SSD to a new , bigger SSD ?
That would work on Umbrel once it’s powered up?