What happens when your SSD is full?


I am new here and new to BTC so I apologize off the bat for dumb questions.

I am adding funds to my Umbrel and beginning to learn how to create lightning channels. I then wondered what happens to my Wallet, Lightning Nodes, etc…if my hard drive that stores a copy of the block chain fills up? Is there a particular process that needs to be followed to fix that or is it as simple as buying a larger hard drive and just swapping it out? I do not have this problem now but as the block chain grows I was wondering what the solution for that is without losing any of my funds or causing issues with my node.

-Thank you

Not sure about a Ras Pi, but with a normal linux system:

Make a Clonezilla booter: https://clonezilla.org/liveusb.php

  1. Using clonezilla, backup your disk to an external USB drive
  2. . Install a larger hard drive in your node
  3. Using clonezilla, restore data to new hard drive
  4. Using GParted or similar utility, resize partition to use up larger space Example: http://manpages.ubuntu.com/manpages/bionic/man8/resize2fs.8.html

These instructions may not be exact. Not for the faint of heart.

I’m experiencing this problem now. My hard drive is full and my node can’t load anymore of the blockchain. Can anyone tell me the steps to moving to a larger HD? I have a Mac so I will need cloning software for a mac. So far the research i did looks like ‘Carbon Copy cloner’ May be the best Mac software. Any help appreciated.