Connect mobile wallets for lightning pay - how?


I have set up bitcoin node and lightning node. They are running fine.

My next goal is to use mobile wallets (such as bluewallet or zeus) to connect to them and start to pay/receive sats. Ideally for both myself and my family/friends.

Is there any tutorial on this? Any recommendations?

I see Lndhub seems to be perfect match, but that does not seem to be available on umbrel. Any suggestions?

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zeus is pretty straight forward. When you install it, it will prompt you through the setup.
Its as easy as scanning a qr code or entering a few variables.

As in the previouse comment you can use zeus and if you dont want to use VPN or tor connection on your phone you can use lightning terminal and you can setup multiple wallets with different access privilege

OKay, I managed to set up a pretty powerful system, to not only do LN pay from mobile phones, but also perform LN transaction routing. Here is a quick high-level recap, hopefully useful for others:

  • BlueWallet is garbage. Nothing related to networking works (tor, LAN, HTTP).
  • Zeus and BitBanana works great! BitBanana is LN only, supports LNDHub connect. Zeus supports both LNDHub connect to virtual wallet and HTTP/REST connect to the native LND node, over both clearnet and Tor.
  • More or less useless is BlueWallet LNDHub app from Umbrel app store. Forget about this one as well.
  • What is really useful is LNbits. Do some search. Many tutorials on the internet. Specific use the LNDHub extension to manage virtual wallets.
  • I also used thunderhub to manage LND node and Lighnting Terminal specifically for loop out (for inbound liquidity)

I set up LND node to use hybrid networking. I also use VPN for LAN-based access because onion networking seems often slow.

That is all for now.

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Just want to add that, with more use of bitbanana, I really like it. It is a great app.

  • nice seamless integration to support VPN, e.g., automatically start/tear down VPN for use. Very very convenient and thoughtful.
  • also support tor connection
  • support gRPC, LND and LNDhub connect
  • of course, plus some normal features such as send/receive etc

Great app, although still early on. I just found a UI bug which prevents me from modify lndhub node config. But hope it will get better soon.