"connect your lightning wallet to your node" in Umbrel v0.5.0 - QR Code

Hi all,

For some reason my device won’t scan the QR code to connect my wallet. Never had an issue with previous versions of Umbrel. Am I missing something? Anyone else having this problem?


Device: Google Pixel 4XL
OS: CalyxOS v3.6.0 - Android 12L


Zap Wallet v0.5.6-beta, build 3036
Zeus Wallet v0.6.5-rc3

Any help would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Can you copy/paste the lndconnect URL instead of scanning the QR?

Yes you can. Just wondering why the QR Codes no longer work is all :slight_smile:

I tried this - I found that if I made the QR code bigger on screen it would scan.

Tried that as well. No go:-(

I have the same Problem. Can’t scan the QR Code. In the previous Version it was no problem to connect to the ZAP Wallet by scanning the QR. Has someone a solution?