Getting Umbrel server up and running

I purchaed the out of the box umbrel machine from The Bitcoin Machines. When I plug it in and go to http://umbrel.local to get it set up, i get an error message asking me to plug in an external hard drive of at least 1TB. Do I need to purchase an additional external hard drive to get this set up? If so, would it need to be the SSD one that they link to here?

Any help is appreciated, thanks!

Maybe the connection to the SSD drive is out, from transport.
Check the cabling.

thanks for your reply!
my question is probably even more basic: do i need to connect the usb cable from the bitcoin machine to an external hard drive to get umbrel set up? if so, would it be the SSD drive at the link above?

As far I know, the bitcoin machine has the SDD internal.
Open it and see what is going on inside the box.

There’s a special USB connector to plug into the RPi and the SSD.

Ok, thanks. I have the USB plugged into the back of the bitcoin machine (blue usb port), but my question is: do I need to go buy an external SSD to plug the other end into? I was under the impression the SSD was internal to the bitcoin machine and that the point of buying it (versus building it) was that you plugged it in and it was ready to go. I can buy an external SSD, but before I spend $100 I wanted to make sure that was what I needed to do.

So you bought the version only the enclosure? With no SSD?

I bought this one because I was under the impression it was plug n play, without any assembly, etc.

Yes, but that one also have 2 options: with 1 or 2 TB drive. Did you get that drive too?
I sent you the guide how to install/check the drive inside. Maybe wasn’t connected, who knows?

I ordered the one with the 1TB drive, which appears to be inside. I just checked.

Had the same surprise with a 2TB Bitcoin Machine.
Figured out that you need to use that uggly blue USB cable to connect the 2 USB slots in the back of the machine together. Seems quite archaic to me for the premium price I paid… Like the SSD couldn’t be connected inside the case…

The case itself was poorly assembled. I took it apart and reassembled it myself.