Futureproofing & Drive Space

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From FAQ’s:

“The disk space you need ultimately depends upon your use-case. Umbrel, in itself, only requires about 1-2GB of space. The rest depends upon which apps you use. For example, if you plan to run a Bitcoin node on your Umbrel, it will consume around 500GB of space, so our recommendation would be to go with at least 1TB of free space. If you plan to use Nextcloud, PhotoPrism, and such for your media library, or Jellyfin/Plex to stream your content, again — the space you’d need would depend upon the size of your library, but as a safe bet and for enough future-proofing, 1TB+ is recommended.”

Seem like of late that drive space is closing up more rapidly than in the past - I’m assuming from Ordinals. At present, have just under 300GB available on a 1TB SSD on my Casa Node. At what point do I need to consider upgrading/replacing that drive (preferred) or adding an additional USB external? Setup is pretty vanilla, just the node software, lightning node, mempool, and bitfeed. Nothing else that should chew up space.

In particular, 1) How close to full can I run this, without risking performance degradation or possible crashing/data loss, and 2) At the current rate of growth, how long till this gets max’d out?


Bitcoin’s blockchain currently grows at a rate of approx ~80-100gb/yr, and can’t grow much faster even with ordinals due to the blocksize limit, so I wouldn’t be too worried about upgrading your storage just yet.
Most of the apps you mention are fairly light-weight, and while I’m not 100% sure, I don’t think you can expect any problems related to storage limits until you’re on your last few GBs.

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I don’t recommend 1 TB anymore. Needs to be atleast 2 TB. Specially if you are going to install Nextcloud and other apps on your Umbrel.

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Helpful, thanks!

By that point, it’ll probably be time to considering a replacement for the Casa node.