Umrel system continually using lots of space

Why is my disk usage going up so fast using Umbrel/raspberry pi/1tb external. I just got it set up and I have the blockchain fully downloaded. Disk usage for the blockchain is around 431gb and staying there yet over just the few couple days my total disk usage has gone from 500gb total to 523.5gb I cannot sustain this rate of accruing data and I don’t understand why it would be accruing in the first place. I had downloaded some apps in the beginning to check them out (never did anything with them) but have since deleted them all and yet my disk usage is still climbing gigs per day and the view usage feature is showing it is the System size that keeps growing. Can anyone shed some light on why the Umbrel system is using up so much storage?

Hey ouch - your umbrel node is actually about the same size of mine. The apps don’t take up a lot of room, so it is mostly the blockchain that should taking up all that space. Let me know if it’s growing way beyond this by tomorrow, otherwise you might actually just be catching up still.

Thanks for the reply. My blockchain is fully downloaded and that disk usage number hasn’t changed in several days. It has only been the system disk usage number that has changed. I will keep an eye on it to see if it surpasses your mark. Were there gigs and gigs of updates the system needed and downloaded on its own or something? not quite sure why that number has changed so much while I have done nothing with the node and everything was seemingly fully downloaded.

Not that I know of, I wonder if it was just the indicator on your dashboard that wasn’t updating correctly, or if you were actually downloading a ton more data. Anyway, interested to see what happens over the next few days.

I am interested to see as well. I will post an update in the coming days. Thanks again for the responses.

Take in consideration that apart from BTC blockchain thare are other components that occupy space

  • electrum server index database, that can be more than 2-3GB
  • LND database, that can go for more than 2GB
  • system Logs, apps logs, apps databases etc.

This will increase slowly in time for more you are using your node.

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So far so good. Since we chatted roughly 5 days ago, disk usage has only gone up a gig or so. Just wanted anyone reading this in the future to see the result. Thanks again for the responses.

Any update on this? I am currently at 538GB and only been up and running for 3 days and fully synced maybe 1 day.

What do you expect to be a 13 years of history of Bitcoin blocks, to be 20MB ?
Do the math, only after 2018 are at max 2Mb every 10 min.

It actually went up to 550GB and now stabilize at 532.5GB.

That could be due to new electrs version that is reducing the db size of indexes.

Experiencing the same thing. Succesfully installed Umbrel and synced since yesterday. Currently blockchain size is 444GB vs storage size of 557GB. No apps installed yet.

And what do you expect? To go down to 100GB?
Blockchain data it increase every 10min with more 2MB.
Apart from that, also LN db is increasing.
Apart from that electrum server is creating indexes and increase the space used.

Guys, if you do not know how a node works, why don’t your start reading and learn more?
We’ve even created a dedicated post for you, just for learning. Did you at least open it to read?

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I appreciate your work in this community, Darthcoin. Learning a bit more, everyday. Wasn’t a complaint, just feedback. The excess storage seemed massive for this noob.

100GB is not “massive” just for LN db and electrs
Nothing to see here