Expanding storage?

I currently have a 512GB M.2 Drive connected to my Pi4 for storage and syncing a bitcoin node. It looks like I may run out of space. Can I add an additional USB3 drive or will I have to upgrade the M.2Drive and start again?

Hi @timecmdr, unfortunately you will need to upgrade the drive in this instance. UmbrelOS doesn’t natively support multiple drives just yet. Once you have this new drive, please let us know and we can assist you with the process of transferring your data.

The other option is that, from the bitcoin app settings, you can choose to run this as a pruned node, and compact the block data down whatever size you’d like.

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Hi @smolgrrr
For another node which will run on a cloud server I’ve pruned the node with the minimum setting 1GB max blockchain size and it reduced correctly from 700GB to 1GB but still the bitcoin core node is using 70GB
What files can be deleted to get the max storage efficiency? Thanks

I share the answer by Nate at the telegram group in case anyone gets the same issue:

The indexes directory can be found in this parent directory: ~/umbrel/app-data/bitcoin/data/bitcoin
If you navigate to the above bitcoin data directory (you may need to modify the path depending on how you installed umbrel on your cloud server), the you can remove the indexes directory with: sudo rm -r indexes
That should free you up about 55GB