Fulcrum Server not found on Umbrel App Store

Was the fulcrum app removed from the App Store? I can’t find it. If so, how do I get the fulcrum server on my umbrel node? Thanks.

To my knowledge Fulcrum Server has not yet been ported to the Umbrel App Store. Rumor has it that Fulcrum is on Umbrel’s roadmap.

But you don’t have to wait. You can install Fulcrum and configure it via Linux command line. Check out Minister of Nodes 12min video instructions on installing Fulcrum via command line here. Your other option is to use Electrs which is in the Umbrel App Store now.

Thank you so much for your response. I’ll let you know what I have cause I’m not sure what he means by “node box” or what he is command lining on. I have a raspi 4 8gb that I access remotely via IP address or Tor address from my Mac. Where is all of this done at?

Based on your reply, it’s probably safer just to install Electrs from the Umbrel App Store. The main reason to use Fulcrum is for 50% response times over Electrs. Why not start with Electrs and see how it goes?

If you have a real reason to use Fulcrum, then watch the whole video and decide if your up for the technical challenge. Ketan’s Nodebox is a Dell Optiplex with Ubuntu server on it. You would SSH into your Pi OS and then execute the same commands. I would expect some technical issues that you would have to sort out if you went this route.

Good luck.

Thanks a million. I have been running electrs for awhile now and it’s just slow as crap and is clunky. I connected to someone else’s (well known) fulcrum server and I was impressed with the performance difference. That’s the only reason I ask. I would expect some technical issues too as I’m not a coder. Lol. Thanks a bunch.

Do the community a favor and post your results. Try to backup first if you have the disk space.

Will do. I may try it one weekend. Kind of risky. I’m technical but not a coder so I have to pay close attention. Like science experiment. Lol